Take Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

Pet plastic bottle manufacturers have arrived at the forefront of our consciousness lately for two reasons – we are casually covering the surface of our planet with them in landfills even though it takes 700 years for them to begin to decompose, and we’re increasing the chance of well-being issues by consuming water kept included. Just one in five pet plastic bottle manufacturers are ultimately recycled, resulting in the rest traveling to the landfills. Why is this occurring?

The environmental and health issues associated with use and the creation of plastic bottles deserve our focus. This year Americans will spend a staggering 16 billion dollars. We must also note that tap water can have off tastes and odors while still being healthy, so flavor is another reason for the achievement of bottled water in the US.

The amounts are astounding – we set 38 billion pet plastic bottle manufacturers  into landfills, and the number is growing each year. That is 38 billion with a “B”! And with a half-life (half the time it takes a plastic bottle to decompose entirely) of up to 1,000 years, these bottles are not going to just go away in our lives, or those of our kids, or even those of our grandchildren.

Let’s look at these crucial questions:

Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

1) Do pet plastic bottle manufacturers present a health issue? This can be a topic that is contentious. BPA mimics estrogens in the human bloodstream and studies on animals have demonstrated neurotoxicity that is potential, carcinogenic effects, and developmental toxicity at low doses. The amounts discovered recently in humans are higher than those in the animals analyzed by the CDC. That is enough to convince me that plastic water bottles are something we should try and avoid in our hunt for longevity.

2) Do we actually have to buy bottled water? Well, only if we believe what we’re told in the marketing campaigns. The US is the largest bottled water market on the planet, but are we getting what we are paying for? Numerous studies in the last decade have compared tap water to bottled and found no difference, or in the case of this recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) the findings imply that tap water can be better in quality! So the amount of necessity depends upon your tolerance for the options – Beverage tap water; get your water from flavored drinks; or filter your water at home with a good whole- undercounter or house system.

We’ll conserve the discussions of the energy required to make pet plastic bottle manufacturers in the US for another time. The bottling industry uses the equivalent of nearly 100 million barrels of oil annually, excluding transportation, in bottle production. And it should be disconcerting that making plastic bottles causes greenhouse emissions and wastes to produce one liter of water that is bottled.

The bottom line:We can choose to take simple steps to reduce the issues pet plastic bottle manufacturers create for our planet and the Human Race.

Measure One: By buying a trusted filter reduce your use of bottles and reusable stainless or non-leaching pet plastic bottle manufacturers, or only if the taste doesn’t disturb you drink from the faucet.

Measure Two: RECYCLE IT when you do use a plastic bottle.

A little perspective: If we can influence the outcome of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars by simply texting several numbers, can not we make a difference by deciding to reduce our reliance on plastic bottles and recycling them when they are used by us?

Get the information you are seeking now by visiting http://plastic-bottle.org.

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