Outdoor Led Screen Rental Price

Outdoor led screen rental price like a standard electronic items, in the course of not only focus on the technique, the have to monitor to upkeep, in order to make large-screen outdoor led screen for longer life. LED complete color screen enhancing use of big display, partly as a result of the major suppliers to manage production expenses, the job selected materials items were minimized, leading to a few parts of some products arising from untimely aging; the rest reason is because of improper usage of individual behaviors triggered. The last situation is a lot more common, below are a number of means to reduced maintenance LED complete color display screen large screen.

Outdoor Led Screen Rental Price

(1) to maintain full-color LED huge screen display screen atmosphere of moisture, do not let anything nature has moisture right into your big-screen full-color outdoor led screen. For full-color large-screen display screen having moisture powered, full-color display components can trigger rust, and also cause irreversible harm.

(2) To prevent feasible issues encountered, we can select an easy security and active defense, try to create injury to the full-color display screen things far from the display, but also the time to wash the display Wipe carefully as possible, the harm minimize the possibility.

Partnership LED complete shade display big screen most carefully with our consumers, great cleaning and upkeep work is additionally quite required. Long term direct exposure to the outdoor atmosphere wind, sunlight, dust, therefore very easy to show the dirt, some time down the dust on the screen is definitely one, which needs prompt cleaning surfaces to prevent dirt affect long wrapped browsing.

(4) call for the electrical supply stability as well as ground protection is good, do not use in the extreme organic problems, particularly thunder climate.

(5) The display body is restricted water, iron and various other steel items that carry out electricity easily. outdoor led screen large screen put as far as possible in an atmosphere of reduced dust, dust will certainly display a huge influence, while extreme dust will certainly cause damage to the circuit. If the water due to various factors, please power off immediately and speak to upkeep employees, until the physical body of the display screen plate dried before use.

(6) outdoor led screen switch series: A: First open up the control computer to make sure that it can run appropriately after the open LED big screen display; B: shut off the outdoor led screen, then switch off the computer system.

Outdoor Led Screen Rental Price

(7) Do not play in a long period of time all-white, all red, all environment-friendly, all blue, all intense display, so as to prevent excessive present, high-voltage line fever is too big, LED light damage, interfere with the screen life. Do not take apart, splice Display!

(8) Referral outdoor led screen rental price for longer than 2 hours a day of rest, in the rainy season, make use of huge display LED display least when a week or more. Open a minimum of when a month basic display, lit greater than two hours.

(9) led large-screen screen surface can be used alcohol clean, or making use of a brush, vacuum cleaner dust, wipe with a moist cloth can not direct.

(10) led the cinema display screen based on routine checks are functioning correctly, the line for harm, if not at the workplace has to be without delay replaced, the line is destroyed to be fixed or changed. led large-screen display inside line, non-professionals is forbidden touch, to stay clear of electric shock or cause damage to the line; if there is an issue, kindly specialist upkeep.

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