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Windows 8 is just outside and folks are reporting great results? Will Windows 8 be the last operating system from Microsoft will companies and consumers a next generation operating system to satisfy the needs and desires of both consumer and business or for several years?Use Windows 8 enterprise key to upgrade your PC OS to the genuine operating system.

Windows 8 Enterprise Key

I enjoyed all the eye candy that has been included with Microsoft Vista but the 32- bit variant was not so stable that I was able to not keep it up and running for over three months without needing to reinstall the operating system.

The important thing I want to see after Microsoft Windows 8 in another operating system would be improved customization abilities and images. I had like to find Active Desktop made safe and brought back. I used Active Desktop to put animated images on my background to my favourite webpages and would have used if the skill had been there it to add animated icons.

Another matter I want to see in another operating system beyond Windows 8 is application launching from webpages that are locally created & application launching out of your browser. I’ve been attempting to create my own and use my desktop as an application launcher & I’m not alone in this want either. I’d much rather have the ability to use my computer like I need to have the skill, although Microsoft maintains Vista removed this feature for security reasons. A characteristic should be added that will readily enable someone to turn this skill on if they so pick for a single or series of webpages which are locally established. There are a number of other alternatives I may use to start my applications but I want do everything with it including application introduction and to centralize my computer use.

The third thing I want to see in Windows Eight is animated icon support that is native. The computers of today have both the processing power and memory capacities to serve this kind of characteristic but it’s not offered in any variant of Windows and the 3rd parties alternatives when accessible tend not to function nicely and are buggy. Native highres animated icon support is certainly the means and would go quite a ways to soothing my eye candy habit. Animated effects on software search bars, and the taskbar, windows, browsers would be welcome improvements too.

The forth thing I want to see added to Windows 8 is another eye candy choice. I want the skill that is natural to alter individual folder windows’ background like I could pick an icon that is individual with the option if I so choose to contain animated backgrounds.

The fifth thing I’d love to see added into Windows 8 is a free personal version of Microsoft Office including OneNote, Outlook and Word with the choice to update to other attributes as needed. The promotion supported version in Windows 7 of Microsoft Office 10 is unnecessary because non-targeted marketing isn’t worth the cash spent creating it and the fundamental office characteristics I listed previously are all a family must arrange their lives.Click here to read more infomation about Windows 8 enterprise key.

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