Hi, maybe you have read my previous article on the dangers of cosmetics? Well, because post, I basically emphasized three points. One that we shouldn’t put on make-up or cosmetics while we are doing other things such as driving, two is that we should take great care when storing our cosmetics and must never use cosmetics which we can definitely tell it has turned poor and three is that we should never share cosmetics with other persons and to take attention when trying out cosmetic samples at the departmental shop.


With this post, I intend to continue where I left off and continue to discuss the dangers of cosmetics. Preservatives and scents are the main ingredients in cosmetics and both these materials can cause skin problems. Scents are the most common reason for skin problems and more than five thousand different types of colognes are generally used for cosmetic products. If you are buying cosmetics, make sure you seek out cosmetic products marked “fragrance-free” or “without perfume”. It follows that no fragrances were added to the cosmetic to make it smell great.

Now guess which is the agent which causes the second amounts of skin problems. Well it’s preservatives. Preservatives are added to cosmetics to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing in the merchandise. These preservatives plan prevent the life of the cosmetics from going bad too fast and to prolong it. Moreover, preservatives protect the cosmetics from being damaged by constant exposure to light or air. Though the use of preservatives can not be dispensable for the cosmetics, the application of some preservatives can cause irritation and infection of skin. Some examples of preservatives include formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol and paraben, imidazolidinyl urea, quaternium 15, DMDM hydantoin.

With such cosmetic products in the marketplace, it is best to be careful when buying cosmetics. What I’d recommend is that you just check out natural cosmetics. Natural is the in thing today. While I talk about natural cosmetics, mineral or organic cosmetics are being talked about by me or make up that is derived from natural and non-chemical sources. Today, most of the cosmetic companies assert that their products are natural and do not do not include any artificial substances nor were the cosmetics ever tested on animals. Such cosmetics are very highly recommended for people who have allergies or individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities. There seems to be another option for you, if your dermatologist advises that you aren’t able to apply any makeup. Why not try out natural cosmetics? I believe that this would be one of the safest methods to have a face that is pretty but not take any dangers.Here are a couple of tips to allow you to select cosmetics on

I trust the above post has given you an excellent picture on the risks of cosmetics as well as expanded your knowledge of the things and cosmetics you aviod. In the event you are interested to buy cosmetics, you might want to check this link out here which will offer you some of the best selling and greatest cosmetics online. If you’re seeking a good cosmetics brand, I would recommend Jane Cosmetics. Try out these cosmetics now!

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