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The Magic Pill That Enables World Class Innovation

Google, Apple, GE, 3M, Nokia, Proctor & Gamble … some of the most recognizable innovative companies in the world. Everyone wants to know, how can they be so innovative? What’s their secret to success, and how can I become as innovative and successful as them?   Well, good news! There is a magic pill that […]

5 Reasons Middle East Companies Miss Disruptive Innovation

What do cell phones and have in common? Both are popular technology in wide use today – but it wasn’t always that way. When cell phones and were introduced, they served the needs of a few people who were eager to try them, even though they had a few shortcomings. In the case […]

Assessing Your Company’s Open Innovation Capabilities

Open innovation is an approach to developing new products, services, processes and innovation capabilities by leveraging input, ideas and expertise from outside the organization as well as from within. Open innovation can provide a company with many advantages including: • Accelerating time-to-market • Reducing risk in the innovation process • Lowering R&D and operating costs […]