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What Business Incubators in the Middle East can do to Contribute More to Innovation

Have you noticed that business incubators are popping up in the Middle East like falafel shops? The Entrepreneur Business Village in Dubai. The Bahrain Business Incubator Center (BBIC). The BankMuscat Business Incubator. iPark in Jordan. Ibtikar incubator in Abu Dhabi. And nearly every country in MENA has a technology incubator. It’s not a bad thing […]

Specialized Incubators will Spur Middle East Innovation

In other parts of the world, innovators have complete access to business and societal needs and they come up with ideas to fulfill these needs with innovations. Their ideas turn into businesses with the help of incubators. In the Middle East, lack of research on business and social needs means that many entrepreneurs go into […]

Sure It’s Innovative, but would You Eat It?

The other day, my friends and I were discussing the innovative merits of a new product called “Candwich” — a sandwich that comes in a can. We all agreed it was innovative, though for different reasons. One person liked the innovative packaging, which allows Candwiches to be conveniently dispensed from vending machines, just like a […]