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The best solution to reset Windows 8 passwords

As the recent Microsoft operating system and bundled making use of the wonderful attributes, Windows 8 is full of troubles and a mess occasionally. And not surprisingly, the greatest problem is  forgotten Windows password. If you look for “ways to recover Windows 8 password?” on the internet, you’ll get lots of sorts of options. However, […]

Deploying Excellence from the Ground Up at Chevron

From Lean Six Sigma to innovation, any large scale initiative is more likely to succeed with top-level support. The hard part can be getting all the decision makers to agree on the program that will move the organization in the right direction. That’s where strategic planning comes in, especially a method such as Hoshin Planning, […]

The Most Valuable Commodity on Earth

Performance management guru Peter Drucker once noted that the greatest contribution of management in the 20th century was the 50-fold increase in manual work productivity. For the current century, Drucker calls upon management to similarly increase the productivity of knowledge employees. How can we answer this call? Not by simply acquiring knowledge, but by sharing […]

Congratulations to this Year’s Innovation Award Recipients!

Innovation 360 is always proud to be an active proponent of successful and sustainable innovation to drive regional economic and social gains. As such, I was honored to participate as a lead assessor for the Ideas.Arabia 5th Innovation Award in Dubai last week, organized by Dubai Quality Group (DQG). For the last five years, this contest […]